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Full text of "Krivaja 95 - July 2, 1995"

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Strictly confidential no. 04/1 56-2 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL 

Date: 2 July 1995 COPY No. 3 


TO THE COMMANDS OF: the 1st Zpbr /Zvomik infantry 
brigade/, 1st Bpbr /Birac infantry brigade/, 2nd Rmtbr /Romanija motorised brigade/, 
1st Brlpbr /Bratunac light infantry brigade/ 1st Mlpbr /Milici light infantry brigade/, 
5th map /mixed artillery regiment/ 

"ORDER FOR ACTIVE b/d /combat activities/ Operation no. 1 

Sections /of the topographical map/: 1 : 50,000, Zvornik 3 and 4 and Visegrad 1 and 2 

1. - As part of an all out offensive against Republika Srpska territory, the enemy has 
carried out attacks with a limited objective against the DK /Drina Corps/ units. 
We believe that in the coming period, the enemy will intensify offensive activities 
against the DK area of responsibility, mainly in the Tuzla-Zvornik and Kladanj- 
Vlasenica directions, with simultaneous activity by the 28th Division forces from the 
enclaves of Srebrenica and Zepa, in order to cut the DK area of responsibility in two, 
and connect the enclaves with the central part of the territory of former Bosnia and 
Herzegovina, which is held by the Muslim forces. 

During the last few days, Muslim forces from the enclaves of Zepa and Srebrenica 
have been particularly active. 

They are infiltrating DTG /sabotage groups/ which are attacking and burning 
unprotected villages, killing civilians and small isolated units around the enclaves of 
Zepa and Srebrenica. They are trying especially hard to link up the enclaves and open 
a corridor to Kladanj. \ 
According to available data, the 28th Division forces are engaged as follows: 
- The 280th Brigade is blocking the Potocari-Srebrenica axis and is in readiness for 
active operations against Bratunac and the cutting of the Bratunac-Glogova-Konjevic 
Polje road. Its Command Post is in the village of Budak. It has especially strongly 




fortified, and will resolutely defend, Zonik, the Industrial zone in Potocari, the area of 
Likar village and Gradac /trig point 527/. 

- The 281st Brigade is blocking the Podgaj village - Borovac /trig point 730/ - 
Suceska village axis, ready for offensive activities against Derventa village and 
Koprivno village. Its Command Post is in the area of Suceska. It has especially 
strongly fortified and will resolutely defend Borovac /trig point 730/, Zedanjsko 
village, Suceska village and Kok /trig point 946/. 

- The 282nd Brigade is blocking the Zeleni Jadar - Srebrenica axis and is in readiness 
for offensive activities against Skelani. Its Command Post is in Bojna village. It has 
especially strongly fortified and will resolutely defend the wooded hills 300 meters 
north of Zeleni Jadar, Prhulja, Zivkovo Brdo /trig point 780/, the area of Pusmulici 
village, trig point 664, the region of Bojna and Vagan /trig point 843/. 

- The 283rd Brigade is blocking the Podravanje - Bucje village - Vijogor axis and is in 
readiness for offensive activities against Podravanje and Bracan mine. Security of the 
Srebrenica - Zepa corridor /as printed/. 

The first line of defence of this brigade is Caurka /trig point 1071/ - Kostur /trig point 
935/ - Klik /trig point 852/ - trig point 766 - Bijelo Polje village - Kok /trig point 946/. 
Besides these the enemy will resolutely defend Alibegova /trig point 905/, Bucje 
village, Kiprova village and Viogor /Siljato Brdo trig point 901/. Its Command Post is 
in the area of Slapovici village. 

- The 284th Brigade is blocking the Ravni Buljim /trig point 820/ - Milacevic'i village 

- Potocari village axis and is in readiness for offensive activities against the Ravni 
Buljim - Kamenica village - Konjevic Polje axis of advance, and for cutting the Milici 

- Bratunac and Milici - Konjevic Polje roads. Its Command Post is in Milacevic'i 
village. It has put in order and will resolutely defend Jabucno /trig point 762/ Jaglic'i 
village and Pale village. N 

The reserve 28 th Division consisting of a mountain battalion and police forces (about 
800 men) are located at Srebrenica, in the village of Potocari (the school), and in Luka 
village, ready for action at threatened axes. 





- The Zepa Brigade in the Zepa enclave is in readiness for action on the Podravanje 
village - Rupovo Brdo village - Derventa road. 

Support: each Brigade is supported by BrVG /Brigade firing group/ and it is possible 
that they will, by force or otherwise, obtain the use of UNPROFOR equipment. 

2. The Command of the Drina Corps, pursuant to Operations Directive no. 7 and 7/1 
of the GS VRS /Main Staff of the Army of Republika Srpska/, and on the basis of the 
situation in the Corps area of responsibility, has the task of carrying out offensive 
activities with free forces deep in the Drina Corps zone, as soon as possible, in order 
to split apart the enclaves of Zepa and Srebrenica, and to reduce them to their urban 

3. The IBK /Eastern Bosnia Corps/, the SRK /Sarajevo-Romanija Corps/ and the HK 
/Herzegovina Corps/ are still breaking the enemy offensive in their areas of 

4. 1 have decided that the main force of the Drina Corps shall continue a resolute and 
active defence and to separate the enclaves of Zepa and Srebrenica as soon as possible 
by attacking with a part of the free forces. The more immediate task is to reach the 
Predol - Divljakinja /trig point 789/ - Banja Guber /Guber Spa/ - Zivkovo Brdo /Trig 
point 780/ - Alibegovac /trig point 905/ - Kak /trig point 946/ line, and then the 
Gradac /trig point 527/ - Bojna - Siljato Brdo /trig point 901/ line. 
Objective: by a surprise attack, to separate and reduce in size the Srebrenica and Zepa 
enclaves, to improve the tactical position of the forces in the depth of the area, and to 
create conditions for the elimination of the enclaves. 

Combat formation: forces for active defence at the front, and active operation forces 
for separating and reducing the enclaves in size. 
Readiness: 6 July 1995 at 0400 hrs. 

5. Tasks of the units for separating and reducing the enclaves in size: \ 

- the 1st battalion /of the 1st Zpbr/ with line of departure Bukova Glava village - Javor 
/trig point 886/ - Zeleni Jadar village, will attack along the axis: three wooded hills 
/500 meters north of Zeleni Jadar - Pusmulici village - Bojna - Srebrenica/. 





Task: to smash the enemy along the axis of advance and more immediately to capture 
trig point 644 - Zivkovo Brdo /trig point 780/, and then to secure the flank and rear of 
the Bojna feature, and to be ready to continue the attack. 

Right boundary: Tucak /included/, elevation 520, Cicevac stream, elevation 424. 
Left boundary: River Zeleni Jadar to the wooden bridge, elevation 603 /excluded/, 
elevation 372. 

To be supported by KAG /Corps artillery group/ as per plan and request. 
Command Post in the area of Javor /trig point 836/. 

- The 2nd battalion /to be formed from the part of the forces of the 1st Bpbr and 2nd 
Rmtbr/ with a company from the Skelani spb /independent infantry battalion/, will 
attack with line of departure Jasenova village - Klokoc /trig point 1087/ - Pribojevici 
village, along the axis Klokoc - Caurka /trig point 1071/ - Kostur trig point 936 - 
Alibegovac /trig point 905/ - Bucje village - Kak /trig point 946/ - Siljato Brdo /trig 
point 901/. 

Task: to smash the enemy along the axis of advance, separating the enclaves of 
Srebrenica and Zepa; more immediately to reach the Alibegovac - Bucje - Kak line, 
and then to continue the attack and reach the Vijogor - Siljato Brdo /trig point 901/ - 
elevation 810 line, and take the control of the Suceska village - Srebrenica road. 
Right boundary: left boundary of the 1st battalion. 

Left boundary: the Pribojevici village - Podravanje village road as far as the hamlet of 

A platoon from the Mlpbr shall assist in the taking of Kak /trig point 946/ 
To be supported by KAG as per plan and request. 
Command Post in Jasenova village. 

- Part of the Brlpbr forces will from direct contact go over to the attack on Predol, 
Divljakinja /trig point 789/, Crni Guber Spa and Olovine, more immediately to attack 
there, and then to continue the attack on the Gradac feature, capture it and prevent the 
intervention of the enemy reserve forces from Potocari towards Srebrenica. 

See to it that the 1 st pb /infantry battalion/ joins in the attack, and coordinate with it in 
the execution of the task. 

00847289. doc/A.K/ 



To be supported by KAG as per plan and request. U 3 o <5 5 9 / 

Command Post in Pribicevac. 

- The 1st Mlpbr has the task of reaching the area of Previja with a force of a company 
size and launching an attack along the Previja - Podravno - trig point 766 axis, 
securing the left flank of the 2nd pb upon the arrival of the 2nd pb in the area of 
Bucje, making contact with it and assisting it in taking over the Kak /trig point 9?/ 
feature. The rest of the forces will tie the enemy down with diversioning activities 
along the axes: Osoje - Podgaj - Borovac, Besica Brdo /trig point 589/ - Zutica - 
Zedanjsko and Ravni Buljim - Jaglici. 

In case of advantageous development of the situation be in readiness for an attack on 
and pursuit of the enemy along the aforementioned axes. 
To be supported by KAG as per plan and request. 
IKM /Forward Command Post/ in the area of Bradan. 

- Reserve forces of a size of two or three companies of the MUP /Ministry of the 
Interior/ and one company from the 1st Vlpbr /Vlasenica light infantry brigade/. 

Task: to be in readiness to launch an attack in order to strengthen the force and 
enhance the success along the battalion's axes of attack; to repel an enemy counter- 
attack; to secure our hold on the features .on the lines reached; to prevent an enemy 
withdrawal; to secure the flanks and the rear of the attacking forces, and other tasks. 

In the launching of the attack the forces in direct contact to be supported by the 
artillery, and by KAG as per plan and request. 
Command Post in the area of Pribicevac. 

6. - Artillery support 
Composition of KAG 

VPo /Basic firing position/ in the area of Pribicevac. 

Tasks: \ 

- During preparatory fire to neutralise the enemy targets as per plan for preparatory 





Duration of preparatory fire: 

- Supporting fire for the attack as per plan and request, with emphasis on the 1st and 
2nd pb. axes of advance. 

7. - Antitank combat: 

In all units of company and battalion size form a POG /Antitank Group/ and have it in 
readiness for combat against the enemy armoured forces. 

8. - Antiaircraft defence: 

- Organise air observations in all units. 

- In case of a NATO air strike have materiel for antiaircraft operations in all units. 
Open fire on low-flying planes that threaten the order of battle. 

- Put the emphasis on PVZ /Antiaircraft defence/ measures: loose arrangement and 
camouflage of units and materiel, maintenance of a direct combat contact with the 

9. Anti airborne landing combat: 

If NATO forces make an airborne landing in support of UNPROFOR, the units closest 
to the landing place and reserve forces will engage in combat with them. Artillery and 
armoured-mechanised units will support an anti-airborne landing combat at the given 

10. - Combat security: 
a/ Intelligence security 

Intelligence security will be most important along the following axes: Zeleni Jadar - 
Bojna - Srebrenica; Klokoc - Alibegovac - Kak - Viogor; Bracan - Previja - 
Podravanje; Pribicevac - Crni Guber Spa - Srebrenica and Caus - Potocari - Gradina. 
Until 5 July 1995, the gathering of information about the enemy will be performed for 
this Command by the intelligence organs and reconnaissance units of the 1st Brlpbr, 
the 1st Mlpbr and the Skelani spb, and after 5 July until the completion of the task by 
the reconnaissance units of the forces engaged in the attack. \ 
•During the preparation and execution of the task, every combat activity must be 
preceded by reconnaissance of the axis, area and objective of the action. 
For every unit of platoon size secure reliable guides, who are familiar with the terrain 
on which the unit is engaged. 





Secure safe communication with the reconnaissance organs using the field message 
book and a prearranged message code, 
b/ Security: 

Secure the complete secrecy of the decision and preparation for the execution of the 

At all levels of RiK /Command and Control/ in the preparation and conduct of the 
operation, work out in detail and apply coding for documents in form and content 
suitable for the needs of efficient and safe command and control. 
Security organs and military police will indicate the areas for gathering and securing 
prisoners of war and war booty. 

In dealing with prisoners of war and the civilian population behave in every way in 
accordance with the" Geneva Conventions 

The security organs shall regulate the security system in the area of combat activities 
and instruct the subordinate commands in its application. 

Apply security particularly strictly during deployment of forces, the preparation and 
conduct of the attack, and after the completion of the task involving the activities of 
infiltrated groups and parts of enemy forces left behind /as printed/. 
Secure the men and define identification marks. 

CI Camouflage 

Camouflage all unit movements. Deploy and group forces for attack at night. During 
the attack manoeuvre the reserves along a hidden axis. Introduce units under 
protection, and with the support of the unit in the direct contact. 

D/ Combat security 

During the distribution of forces and preparation for the attack, provide security with 
your own forces. 

Secure in particular the units and the means of support, the Command posts, 
communications centres and rear units and stations. 

During rest periods make sure that 4/3 /as printed/ of men are resting and 2/3 /as 
printed/ attending to security. 

Especially monitor and maintain communications with neighbours, units and means of 
supporting fire. Uniformly regulate the marking of units on positions gained. Keep 
links and gaps under constant observation and fire. 




003835C n 

E/ Engineering security /as printed/: 

The main concern of engineering security will be movement and manoeuvre security. 
The units in the direct combat contact are responsible for making passages through 
mined areas and the organisation of a KZS /control security service/ before the 
forward position. Form groups of pioneer squads to clean the ground along the axes of 

Supply all units with the necessary amount of pioneer tools. 

It is essential to fortify and camouflage positions on the lines reached and secure them 
with obstacles when necessary. 

Mark visibly all unidentified MES /mines and explosive devices/ 
Strengthen every unit of battalion strength with a pioneer squad. 

F/ Morale-psychological preparation of the men for the execution of the task: 

Put the emphasis on the boosting combat morale, stressing the success of our units in 

crushing the enemy offensive during the last month. 

Point out the significance of dividing and reducing in size the Srebrenica enclave for 
the safety of Serbian villages and civilians in central Podrinje. Supply the units as well 
as possible with military equipment for executing this task. 

9. Rear security: 

For the execution of the task, the following is approved: 
1/ Ammunition for 

- infantry weapons, two combat sets 

- artillery and MB /mortars/, one combat set 

- tanks, half a combat set 

- anti-tank weaponry, half a combat set 

- anti-aircraft weaponry, half a combat set 

21 Fuel for: 

- combat vehicles with half-filled reservoirs 

- other vehicles with half-filled reservoirs 




0038360 ! 

3/ Feeding of the troops: 

- cooked meals till the beginning of combat activities and dry rations after the 
beginning of combat activities 
secure two dry rations a day for all troops. 

4/ Every battalion shall create stations for the PoOb /Rear security/ of its own forces 
and secure aforementioned materiel expenditure rate. 

5/ The route for bringing up supplies for the 1 st and 2 nd pb is the Bratunac - Skelani - 
Zeleni Jadar - Jasenova road. The commanders of the 1 st Brlpbr and 1 st Mlpbr will 
decide the supply route for the other units. 

6/ Medical security shall rely on the medical facilities in Skelani, Bratunac, Milici and 

11/ Command and Communications: 

The IKM-1 of the DK in the Pribicevac area, shall function from 1600 hrs. 4 July 

The IKMn-1 of the DK in the area of Jasenova village. 
Communication readiness on 6 July 1995 at 0200. 

Submit daily reports every day until 1800 hrs. with a situation report at 1700 hrs. and 
interim reports as per need. 

Major- General 

Command of the Drina 





Typed in two copies and delivered to: 

1 . Original in the archive of the Drina Corps Command 


Seven copies made and delivered to: 

- IKM-1 oftheKDK 

- 1 st Zpbr 

- 1 st Bpbr 

- 2 nd Rmtbr 

- l s, Brlpbr 

- I s1 Mlpbr 

- 5 th map